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 the  debut single from mELODIC INDIE ARTIST bARRY pOWER




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With almost incapacitating beautiful chords, supplemented by gauzy vocals, brushed drumming, and harmonic feedback touched by an early-morning vulnerability Barry Power takes melodic indie rock to new heights with the stunning single Shakeout.


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Barry Power is a musician and songwriter based in Ireland. Originally from Ballinasloe, in the heart of the country’s midlands, Barry has been passionate about music ever since he can remember. His sound is warm, personable and direct, borrowing from a wide range of influences, and emphasizing genres as diverse as rock, indie, alternative, and many more.

Recently, Barry set out to release a brand new single entitled “Shakeout.” The song is very direct and energetic, yet loaded with intriguing details and sonic artistry. The tone of this release falls somewhere in between the timeless appeal of acts such as The Beatles and David Bowie, along with the ethereal textures of Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith.

Barry’s music reads like a perfect compromise between melody and grit, and his lyrics are always poignant and easy to relate to. In addition to that, the production value of his releases give off a sense of realness, highlighting the artist’s organic performances and spontaneous arrangements.

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