Barry Power

Offical Site of Melodic Indie songwriter Barry Power.

Be water my friend
— Bruce lee

Originally From Ballinasloe in the heart of the Irish midlands, Barry has had a lifelong passion for music. He is Currently working on his debut Album Of Little The Instant which is due for release in 2019.

He has played with various bands including five piece alternative/prog group Darken The Distance with whom he released two EP’s in 2010 and 2011, In the years since he has been dividing his time working as a professional musician, teacher and raising his family.

The biggest influences on the upcoming Album are Beck particularly his 2002 work Sea Change .There is a real emotional heft to the themes on that record and also the production is incredible. Radiohead are also a huge influence, their emotional expression and their attention to detail on every part of their songwriting makes the listener want to revisit the music over and over again to find new hidden sonic gems. This asthetic is something that Barry very much aspires to. Another influnence on the music is the late Jeff Buckley, as a singer there is no better place to look for how to deliver an emotion and mood in every single lyric, an absolute inspiration.

The nine songs which make up Of Little The Instant were written over the last ten years, they focus mainly on the themes of existence, finding self confidence and the illusory nature of reality. There are also observations on everyday life, for example All in good time, Which is a love letter for his Daughter about trying to be patient in her life. and Business end Which is a song about a workplace affair.

Tonally and thematically the music Barry creates has an autumnal feel and deals with ideas ranging from navigating the modern digital landscape to more ethereal and dreamlike moods.